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Guys I’ve Rocked With, The Series Pt. 5

After my first band went our separate ways, it was time to start a new chapter in my rock life.  I needed someone to help make that happen.  Someone that could rock.  Someone that had the same passion and desire that I had.  Then…in walked Chuck Yeager.


Chuck and I had always known each other, but never in a rock kind of way.  Chuck was the perfect fit for me.  I mean he was exactly like me!  We both wanted the same thing, to be a rock star.  And we were both willing to do whatever it took to make that happen (including wearing clothing that was wayyyyyyy to tight and unappealing).

Chuck was (and still is) a guitar player.  And a damn fine one.  Throughout our years together; I was always asking him to do stuff that was insanely hard to do.  For example, play and sing Skid Row tunes, or the great idea of trying to be a power trio.  The thing is though, every time I came up with some wacky idea…he pulled it off.  I had full confidence in Chuck and never once doubted his abilities.

Chuck and I rocked a lot of years together and put together several different lineups, all of which could blow the roof off a place at any time.  Our love for music created a lasting friendship that has seen many a-packed night club, countless empty beer cans, and yeah…even us be a part of each others wedding.  Here’s to ya bro!  Keep rockin!