My name is Brian and I currently live in the midwest with my wife and two kids.

The earliest that I can remember wanting to be a musician was probably when I heard KISS Destroyer for the first time, I was 5, and I grabbed the closest thing to a guitar that I could find (a tennis racquet) and started rockin.  The first time that I knew I wanted to try and make music my career was when I would sneak over to my friend Chris Villasenor’s house and watch Purple Rain (because my parents wouldn’t allow it).

I joined a band with some high school friends which was my first band (The Basements…we rehearsed in a basement, it only seemed natural), but college came for some and we decided that it was fun but time to move on.  Then I helped put together a couple more bands and things seemed to be getting a bit more serious.  They didn’t last though as one thing or another always seemed to come up.  Then came the big decision…

In the spring of 1993 I decided to move to Seattle and try and become a rock star.  Two of my best friends lived there already and said I could crash with them till things got going.  I met a girl who introduced me to a couple guys starting a band.  I submitted them an audition tape and then boom, my music career was started. After 6 years of trying to get signed to a record deal; I decided that maybe it was time to start a new direction and I moved back to the midwest to start a family.

As for the rest (and some filler) I’m saving all that for future blog posts.  So stick around and find out all the rockin details of Brian’s Rock Life…rock on!



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