My First Mosh Pit

The first time I was ever in a mosh pit was also the last time I was ever in a mosh pit.

It was 1989 and I was at a small club in St. Louis Missouri (Mississippi Nights) to see Testament with special guest Savatage.  Well no one but me was there to see Savatage and that was obvious by the front row seat that I had.  And by front row I mean, standing and actually leaning on the stage!  Savatage put on a great set and I even managed to snag a pick from the guitar player. Then there was about a half hour or so break till Testament took the stage.  I was determined to keep my spot!  I didn’t even go get a drink or go to the bathroom!  The crowd started to grow as it got closer for Testament to take the stage and I overheard some long-haired dudes talking about going “over the wall”.  I had no idea what this meant but I wasn’t about ready to wimp out.

When Testament came out there was a mass of people that started pushing, shoving, kicking, punching and it took all of about 10 seconds for me to get bounced to the back of the room.  I thought about trying to make my way back to “my spot”, but decided that I could see the show just fine from where I was.  All in all in worked out in my favor because after the show Testament’s drummer came out and sat down at a table with me; I was able to get his autograph (along with the rest of the band) and we talked about wearing ear plugs for about 20 mins. I have not been in a pit since then and honestly have no desire to be, my seat will do just fine to enjoy the rock!

Any good concert stories that you have?  I’d  love to hear ’em!  Be sure to leave a comment and share ’em with me.



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