A Few Of My Favorite Places

It’s hard to believe how much a city can change in 10 years, but from the time that I lived in Seattle (’93-’99) till now; it’s a completely different city…especially the club scene.

Gone are most of the “original” clubs that hosted such acts as Pearl Jam, Alice in Chains, Nirvana, Soundgarden, and Mudhoney (long before they were popular).  Some buildings lay vacant while others have been turned in to something entirely different, like a quilt shop.

I was fortunate enough to have been able to play on the same stage as most of the original grunge bands that put Seattle on the music map.  A couple of my personal favs were the Off Ramp Cafe, and the Crocodile Cafe.  You may notice the word Cafe in there, see, the cool thing about these rock clubs is that they also had some killer food! (and usually till 3am).

The Croc (as we called it) was great for it’s sound quality and really just a fun place to be even if you weren’t there to see a band.  My bandmates and I often just went there to hang out and be a part of the scene.  One local music writer called it “the living room of the Seattle music scene”.

The Off Ramp was a classic Seattle club.  It’s been described as, “a little dirty, a little nasty, and a whole lotta fun”.  A total hole-in-the-wall club that saw the birth (and death) of many Seattle bands.

Both these places will always have special memories for me.  As I reflect on the time I spent there, I can still smell the food, taste the drink, and my ears still ring from the rockin sounds that came from all the great bands that played there.



5 responses to “A Few Of My Favorite Places

  1. I couldn’t agree with you more Brian… I miss those places so much! Now when I go to Seattle for a visit, I have no idea where to go and it’s hard to recognize the places that once were our second home. I find it a little sad actually… Those were the days!! I loved the Croc, Off Ramp and ya can’t forget about Wheathered Wall… Good times!!!

  2. It really sounds like a wonderful time in your life and an amazing place! It is sad that those places aren’t there anymore. So happy you got to experience them when they were there though!

  3. I was a bouncer at the Off Ramp in 1991…and have been thinking about that period a bit lately. Did you know that John Roderick (Long Winters) was a cook in the cafe at that time? If someone ordered something he didnt like to make…he’d go out to the restaurant, sit in the booth with them and explain why they were making a mistake.

  4. My brother Rob lived in an apartment above the Off Ramp… which it wasn’t even zoned as an apartment, someone there was doing him a huge favor… I only saw him play once and it was at The Off Ramp…. pretty cool place

  5. First time in Seattle. Does the Off Ramp Cafe still exist from its original days in the 90’s?

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