Guys I’ve Rocked With, The Series Pt 4

There is always a special bond between a bass player and a drummer.  Something that syncs them together that can’t be explained.  One guy always knows what the other is going to do.  I’ve always shared this phenomenon with the best drummer I’ve ever rocked with, my brother in rock, and my best friend…Chris Villasenor.

Chris and I have known each other our whole lives and music has been one thing that we’ve always shared.  Villa has always been instrumental in pushing me to become better, challenging myself to be the best that I can be…and then do it better.  He is also an outstanding drummer in his own right.

When we first started out things weren’t easy for either of us.  Villa was a lefty trying to play a right handed set of drums (which he has since mastered) and I was a guitarist trying to become a bassist.  We spent many hours together jamming in his basement, watching MTV (back when they played videos), and just hanging out.  Perhaps that is what made us such a good rhythm section.

I can remember countless trips to Springfield, IL to the record store with Villa to grab the newest releases from our favorite bands.  When Metallica released …And Justice For All, we were there the first day; the Crue’s Dr. Feelgood, Extreme’s Pornograffitti, and so on and so on.  Not to mention all the concerts we rocked at together.  Villa was there when I moved to Seattle and helped get me goin’.  Although we never played in a band together while I lived there, he always supported me, encouraged me, and believed in me.

Chris still lives in the Seattle area with his family and is still rockin’.  Do yourself a favor and check out his band The Copper Kings!  Totally rockin’ band you can check out on itunes or live if you’re in the Seattle area.  Keep rockin’ Villa and know that you’ll always have a fan back home.



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