15…Make That 5 Influential Albums

A couple of weeks ago some Facebook friends of mine created a note on 15 albums that made a lasting impression.  So I played along and thought that it would be fun to share a few of them with you as well. (For the sake of space I’ve narrowed it down to 5…in no particular order)

First off I would have Prince – Purple Rain.  The very first time I saw this movie I knew that I wanted to be in a band and become a rock star.  I ran right out and bought the soundtrack and turned it up as loud as it could go and pretended that it was me in that club giving the opening sermon and jamming Let’s Go Crazy.  I would practice every spin move, every mic stand trick and even grab a lighter for when the title track came on.  To this day whenever I hear one of those tunes on the radio, the volume knob goes all the way to the right.

Rush was a big influence on me, as I mentioned before, and probably the first Rush album I can remember listening to was Hold Your Fire.  The shear talent of those 3 guys was enough to make me a fan the first time I heard them.  Great musicians, great songwriting, and they’ve stood the test of times (They just released a new documentary feature, Beyond the Lighted Stage).  Hold Your Fire may not have been their most successful release, but for me it was an introduction to one of the greatest bands of my generation.

Guns and Roses – Appetite For Destruction changed the way bands started doing stuff.  GnR came with such a raw, in your face sound that nobody knew what hit ’em.  Appetite hit me my freshman year of high school, sank it’s teeth into me and wouldn’t let go.  The hair metal bands of the late 80’s rocked me all through high school and GnR, I would say, kicked the whole thing off.

After high school came the 90’s, in which I would say was probably my most influential period.  I knew I still wanted to be a rock star, but also figured that it probably wasn’t going to happen in the Midwest.  Then I heard Pearl Jam – Ten.  My bags were packed and I was headed for the pacific northwest.  Pearl Jam is the original grunge band for me and it was that album that drove me to pursue my dream to the fullest.

Probably though the one man who has influenced me more over the years than anyone else has been Billy Joel.  The Piano Man has provided me with more entertainment than anyone else I can think of.  His songwriting, lyrics and musicianship have moved me from the very first time I heard him play.  I have had the pleasure of seeing Billy live and can’t wait to get back there again.

So those are just a few albums that have stayed with me over the years. You may like/dislike or agree/disagree with some or all of them, but I’d love you hear from you and what albums have had a lasting impression on you.



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