Guys I’ve Rocked With, The Series Pt. 2

I thought I’d continue on in the Guys I’ve Rocked With (GIRW) series with another close friend of mine from high school.  A guitar man, who once willed to me in his senior will…nothing.  Reason being is that he always considered me and all or nothing kind of guy and since I can’t have it all; I get nothing.  Ladies and gentlemen, I give you Jim Manley.

Jim was always a close friend of my family, so I knew him long before we started jamming together.  Jim was with me in the infamous talent show, but our music relationship wouldn’t be strengthened till later when I joined the band, The Basements.

The Basements was comprised of a group of high school friends, myself, Jim, Darin Raffety, and Chris Villasenor.  We rehearsed in Chris’ basement (hence the name) and often our rehearsals were more like mini-shows, since you never really knew who was going to show up through the basement door.

Jim was lead guitar and fearless.  Constantly challenging himself with complex lead parts and solo’s.  And for that he made us all better.  However, Jim was also a bit sloppy.  Not in his playing, but with his gear.  I can’t tell you how many knots were in Jim’s guitar cables and how many broken strings lay strewn around his amp.  And he was notorious for never having any picks.  There is a classic recorded practice session where I think the rest of the band took up a collection to buy Jim some picks…to which he replied, “but I got pick money!”

Jim is still rockin today and continues to impress me.  He is a fine, fine guitar player, who also heads up his own video production company, Manley Media Productions, check em out!  Keep rockin’ Jimmy!  Woo! Top Jimmy, he’s the king!


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