Bands That Influenced Me

Let’s face it, if you’ve ever played an instrument or been in a band, you’ve probably been influenced by someone.  Someone who’s inspired you to play or someone you’ve aspired to be.  For me, it was all the above.  I just wanted to be a rock star!

Growing up I listened to all kinds of music, but rock music always attracted me the most.  Once I started playing, certain bands really jumped out at me.  Anything from their songs to their clothes to their hair or their talent had an influence on me.

Rush, was probably one of the biggest influences in my rock life.  They were never the most popular band, but I’ve also never heard 3 guys make so much music.  And Geddy Lee (bassist/singer/keyboards), is one of the most talented bassists I’ve ever seen.  If I ever wanted to be able to play like anyone, it would be him.

Motley Crue also had a definite influence to my rock life.  The Crue is the band that I think started the whole 80’s rock era.  Every band that ever came from the 80’s should personally go and thank The Crue.  I wanted to move to LA, grow my hair long, put on leather pants and party on the sunset strip!  If any band ever lived the lifestyle of a rock star it was the guys in Motley Crue.

Metallica came a little later in my life (Master of Puppets, I think), but I remember hearing them for the first time and just feeling the energy come through my radio.  Their sound was like no other I’d ever heard, so heavy, and fast and just distorted enough.  Also excellent musicians, anybody that can play that fast and be that together has major skills.  Metallica didn’t really change the way I did anything but they certainly opened me up to a whole new style.  I would say that they made me a more rounded musician.

One band that did change me in a major way was Pearl Jam.  I mean they made me load my truck up and move 2600 miles away from where I lived.  The whole Seattle scene was such a huge impact on my life.  To be able to say that I was a part of it is unbelievable to me.  Since I was too young to move to LA in the 80’s, I would probably say that living in Seattle during the grunge scene made up for that.  Just being able to rock in the same clubs and hang out in the same bars with these guys was an amazing experience that will last my lifetime.

These are just a few of the bands that made me want to play…or who I wanted to look or act like…or just who I thought made really good music.  Music has a way of impacting a persons life.  It speaks to us in ways that nothing else can; I know it did for me.  I’d love for you to share any bands that had (or still have) an influence in your life.  Leave me a comment and keep rockin!



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