Guys I’ve Rocked With, The Series

So what started me out on this whole blog escapade was to write about some people that I used to jam with. They are all great musicians, dear friends, and some of you might even know a person or two. These will be in no particular order and if I forget you, well then, maybe you just weren’t that good…just kidding

One of my first memories was rockin with one of my closest friends from high school and an outstanding bass man, Chris Johnson.

Chris moved to my hometown, I want to say in my Sophomore year of high school, and immediately fit in. Chris and I became close friends (and remain to this day) through music and sports. Chris played bass and I desperately wanted to learn how to play 6-string. It just so happened that Chris’ step-dad was a mean guitar player and agreed to give me lessons. First I needed an electric guitar though, so Chris, his step-dad and I headed to Swing City Music in Collinsville IL and I picked out a cream colored Yamaha complete with locking nut and a wammy bar. After about 6 lessons (although I probably needed more) I had had enough of scales and chords, so I taught myself how to make a barre chord and headed out the door.

Chris and I had a high school talent show comin up and thought it would be awesome to have a band together (Deep Swallow, yes I came up with the name) to rock the high school stage. So we found another guitar player/singer (Jim Manley) and a drummer (Jorge Stewart) and worked up 3 songs. We blew the place down and took 1st place! Chris and I tried to keep things together after that but you know how high school bands go, they never really last. We never got to share the stage again, but we always had music to talk about.

To this day Chris is still rockin the 4-string in a Beatles tribute band called Mojo Filter. If you haven’t heard them yet do yourself a favor and check ’em out…they definitely rock! And they have one of the finest bass players that I’ve ever had the privilege of playing with…keep rockin Chris!

Hey if you’d like to check out the talent show video here’s a link to the awesomeness, talent show video


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