Hey everybody and welcome to my blog! I just wanted to introduce myself, tell you a little bit about me (which you can also find in the “about” tab) and a couple ideas that I have to talk about on my blog.

So here goes…my name is Brian and I’ve been a musician for most of my life.  I started out on the 6 string, but found that my true love was the 4 string MF-er!  I’ve played in several bands and have had the privilege to jam with a lot of other great musicians.  I also love rock music. Classic rock, southern rock, christian rock, heavy metal, 80’s hair bands, grunge, you name it as long as it rocks!

So I thought I’d create this forum to just talk about all things that rock!  From guys I’ve jammed with, bands that I’ve opened for, gear that I’ve played, etc.  So I hope you enjoy it and will come back.  Rock on!



3 responses to “Welcome

  1. Hey babe!

    Looking forward to reading your life’s stories about your Rock Life!

    Congrats on the new blog – LOVE IT!


  3. Yeah! I’m so excited about your blog…it will definitely bring a smile to my face!! You rock! Be ready for your two favorite groupies to add comments and maybe I’m thinkin a photo or 2…. Good times for sure!!! Have fun with it Brian!!

    Love to you & your beautiful family!!

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